6 Best Exercises For Diabetes That Actually Work

6 Best Exercises For Diabetics That Actually Work

Nothing helps the body and soul like a little bit of sweat!

By gaining muscle mass, reducing weight, and decreasing stress, you can do your diabetes a huge favor!

Changing your lifestyle and diet in favor of diabetes can help you feel great and maintain your diabetes!

How Exercise Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Level?

When you work out, it utilizes stored glucose in your bloodstream, liver, and muscles (in the form of glycogen). Once your body has used up the glycogen, it signals the liver to provide more glycogen for energy. Ultimately, it helps regulate your blood sugar levels keeping your diabetes in check.

And, indirectly, workouts help in a reduced release of stress hormones that trigger greater production of insulin. And lets not forget the dopamine’s that are released when you put your body to work!

6 Best Exercises for Diabetes That Actually Work

Following are the best exercises to reduce sugar levels tremendously:

Walking Is A Low-Impact Activity for Diabetics

Walking is the easiest way to stave off extra pounds and calories while keeping your blood sugar levels within a normal range, said Israel Hartman, an endocrinologist.

Begin with a regular 30-minute walk; then, gradually build it up to 45 to 60 minutes.

Don’t have such a dedicated time for walk? Just go out for a 15 minute walk after each meal.

Or, get a treadmill home to walk or jog while watching TV or listening to songs.

Tai Chi Can Bring Calmness and Balance

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi involves slow breathing and relaxed movements to bring your focus back to the present.

It’s a research-backed effect way to boost both physical and mental wellness, keeping your type-2 diabetes in check. Not only does it do wonders to your body, it will leave your brain feeling at peace, as you embark on your day.

Being a potent stress reducer, the Chinese martial art is highly recommended for diabetic patients as stress hormones can disturb your blood sugar levels.

Yoga Is a Real Stress-Buster for Diabetics

Yoga is a miracle therapy for diabetics.

Stress hormones can greatly impact your sugar levels by releasing excess insulin. In such times, just like Tai Chi, stretching and breathing exercises in yoga can bring down your stress levels. Thus, it’s a natural antidote to diabetes.

Just perform your favorite yoga poses for diabetes only for 20 to 30 minutes to feel all calm and composed! There is plenty of available content on YouTube for at-home yoga sessions. Take the first step and try one out! 

Dancing Boosts Moods Impressively

Dancing is a fun way to say goodbye to all your worries and just dance to the beat. It promotes weight loss, reduces stress, and, ultimately, reduces blood sugar levels. Now, we are not suggestions going to the nightclub and partying all night. But if you see the dance-floor or you’re bored at home, feel free to get your groove on as it will improve your mood!

If you want to dance your way out of diabetes, here’s a motivating fact: you can burn easily up to 150 calories in just half an hour.

Swimming Is Fun Activity for Reducing Blood Sugar

Swimming is a mild activity for those having various health issues and sensitive joints.

If you are a diabetic patient, you must be careful about your feet. So, swimming can be the best alternative for you.

Start with at least 10 minutes three times a week and gradually increase the time.

However, before getting into the pool, you must inform the lifeguard about your diabetes. 

Weight Training Is Necessary

Weight training is crucial for not just gaining muscles, but to control your type-2 diabetes. With lesser muscle mass, your blood sugar has all the freedom to shoot up.

So, get those weight training free weight, planks, and pull-up accessories accessible to never miss out on your daily training.

To maintain your muscle mass, lift weights for at least 25 to 30 minutes twice a week. Swimming is a complete body workout, as you are using every muscle to move around in water. It is one of the most underrated workouts!

Final Verdict

The true secret lies in keeping your life active and stress-free. Exercise helps diabetics to regulate their hormones to reduce excessive stress.

Because even if you have no reason for stress, long hours of work, additional commitments, and more can get you all caught up and stressed. Self-care is necessary, take your insulin on time and workout to reduce the intake.

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