7 Diabetes-Friendly Foods

7 Diabetes-Friendly Foods To Treat Diabetes

7 Diabetes-Friendly Foods

From Managing Portion Size To What To Avoid, Here Is What You Should Be Eating If You Are Diabetic.

According to the American Heart Association, diabetics are twice more likely to experience a severe heart stroke than the ordinary individual.

Thus it is really important for you to modify your diet along with your insulin intake to control diabetes. Want to know what foods can control diabetes? Read on.

7 Top Foods to Manage and Control Diabetes

Here’s a list of foods to eat when your sugar level is low:

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are exceptionally nourishing and low in calories. These are high-fiber foods that deliver energy gradually to tone down your cravings.

Kale and spinach are highly recommended for diabetics, particularly because they are at risk of dental problems and vision loss. Thus, the veggies help protect your vision.

Call this a counter attack on all the toll that diabetes takes on your body!

Prepare a quick salad to control your spiked up sugar levels. Be mindful of boiling vegetables, as boiling vegetables diminish the vitamins that are found in some vegetables.

Bitter Gourd

This one sure is unpleasant, but its benefits make up for all the bitterness!

Bitter gourd contains compounds that reduce hyperglycemia i.e. the increase in blood sugar levels.

You can incorporate it into your diet as a cooked vegetable or as curry (well-cooked bitter gourd isn’t bitter at all).

Its juice can also be consumed on an empty stomach to bring down blood sugar. Although it’s quite bitter, but its best drink for diabetes we guarantee you.


Avocados are an absolute favorite of everyone, isn’t it? Avocados are an ideal snack, especially if you are diabetic. They contain less than a gram of sugar and help in maintaining body weight.

So if a bitter gourd is too much for you, understandable! Reward yourself with avocados. Be mindful of the amount of calories that are in one avocado. Overdoing it with avocados may not be ideal for your nutrition goals.


Who doesn’t love preparing and having scrumptious salads? Beans consumed in any form are amazing for your overall health, diabetes, weight management, and even for anemia.

This legume is rich in B Vitamins, beneficial minerals as well as fiber. Beans also have a low glycemic index and potentially can even prevent diabetes so don’t forget to buy them the next time you do your groceries! Also, be mindful of the amount of sodium that are in canned beans.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish are indeed the healthiest foods on planet, even for diabetics.

Fish like salmon, mackerel and anchovies are packed with omega 3 fatty acids that have enormous benefits for the heart. As diabetics are already at risk of heart diseases, fatty fish proves to be a great diabetes-friendly food for your weekend outings.

Greek Yogurt

Are you wondering what makes greek yogurt different from the regular yogurt?

Greek yogurt is a natural source of carbs and proteins making it a perfect combo for controlling blood sugar. Besides that, it also contains way more proteins and lesser carbs compared to regular yoghurt making it the best pick for diabetic diet.

Greek yogurt is indeed a quick go to option when your sugar level gets out of control. This does not mean to go to town on the flavored greek yogurt (such as vanilla and blueberry). Flavored greek yogurts have quite higher in sugar content then plain greek yogurt.


Eggs are another great source of proteins that deliver long term energy. Regular egg consumption can even reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Furthermore, eggs also reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity for diabetics. Rather, it’s best to consume boiled eggs without the egg yolk. And, if you cannot skip the yolk, better to limit the egg consumption to 3-4 times in a week. Also, if you are looking to up the protein in your diet, feel free to add some egg whites to your eggs.

Final Verdict

Uncontrolled diabetes is an open invitation for several other health problems, especially blood pressure and heart disease.

While nothing can manage it as well as conventional medicine, a balanced diet and active lifestyle is equally beneficial in keeping your blood sugar regulated.

So add these healthy foods into your diet, starting today and see the difference they make for you!

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