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Dental Health and DiabetesCategoriesDiabetes

Why Dental Health is Important For Diabetic Patients?

Diabetic Complications Are Quite Common—Particularly Dental And Eye Health! Research shows that each year, approximately 1.7 million cases are diagnosed with diabetes and 8.1 million people don’t even know that the ‘silent killer’ is impacting their health. If you are a diabetic not keeping a check on your sugar levels, you are at a huge […]

Side Effects of Insulin Therapy That You Didn't Know.CategoriesDiabetes

Side Effects of Insulin Therapy That You Didn’t Know

Diabetes. However, The Side Effects Of Insulin Therapy Are A Controversial Topic Till Day. Insulin, the synthetic one, is a drug that’s used in place of the natural insulin hormone produced by pancreas in a healthy person’s body. Those suffering from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes don’t get enough amounts of insulin produced […]

7 Natural Remedies to Treat DiabetesCategoriesDiabetes

7 Natural Remedies to Treat Diabetes

Traditional Natural And Proven Remedies to Help You Control, Manage, and Reverse Diabetes! Diabetes is incurable, but you can still maintain your diabetes well enough to live a simple life. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet plan you can control your sugar levels. And, if you find out early on, there is a greater […]

When to take insulinCategoriesDiabetes

When Should A Diabetic Take Insulin?

Understanding The Proper Insulin Intake Will Assist You To Prevent Your Sugar Levels To Peak And Valley. Why is insulin necessary for you? Can you control diabetes without it? When is the best time to take insulin? If you or your closed ones have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, it’s imperative to know the answers. […]

7 Diabetes-Friendly FoodsCategoriesDiabetes

7 Diabetes-Friendly Foods To Treat Diabetes

From Managing Portion Size To What To Avoid, Here Is What You Should Be Eating If You Are Diabetic. According to the American Heart Association, diabetics are twice more likely to experience a severe heart stroke than the ordinary individual. Thus it is really important for you to modify your diet along with your insulin […]

6 Best Exercises For Diabetes That Actually WorkCategoriesDiabetes

6 Best Exercises For Diabetics That Actually Work

Nothing helps the body and soul like a little bit of sweat! By gaining muscle mass, reducing weight, and decreasing stress, you can do your diabetes a huge favor! Changing your lifestyle and diet in favor of diabetes can help you feel great and maintain your diabetes! How Exercise Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Level? When […]

insulin for Diabetes What If You Don’t Take ItCategoriesDiabetes

Insulin for Diabetes; What If You Don’t Take It?

It’s Not Easy To Make It Without Insulin In Your Body, And That’s Something All Diabetics Know. But Is It Absolutely Necessary To Consume Artificial Insulin? Let’s Find Out! The number of people suffering from diabetes around the globe is as much as 425 million. Among these diabetic patients, almost every one is aware of […]

5 Surprising Myths about Type 2 DiabetesCategoriesDiabetes

4 Surprising Myths about Type 2 Diabetes

It’s Time to Differentiate the Truth from Folk Lore, Particularly to Clear up Your Mind If You Are a Diabetic! In today’s day and age, diabetes is a term no one is unfamiliar with. If we talk about numbers, a ‘Statista’ report states that an estimated 425 million people have diabetes globally. Among these, type […]

5 Science Backed Ways to Reverse Type-2 DiabetesCategoriesDiabetes

5 Science-Backed Ways to Manage Type-2 Diabetes

If You Want To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes, Know That There’s No Permanent Cure Except Controlling Your Blood Sugar Levels By Keeping A Check On What You Eat. Is diabetes curable? No! Can it be controlled from reaching dangerous levels and causing extreme harm to your health? Yes! A disease with no permanent cure, diabetes can’t […]

insulin Resistance And DiabetesCategoriesDiabetes

Insulin Resistance And Diabetes: Can You Reverse It?

To An Extent, You Can Control and Reverse Diabetes! Nowadays, insulin resistance is quite prevalent among adults all over the world. Known as a strong predictor of diabetes, it is an unseen change in the body. The link between diabetes and insulin resistance has been found almost half a decade ago. The good news is […]