Most popular questions

Our affiliate prescription service reaches out to the most trusted pharmacies in Canada. Canada has strict policies on price gauging on medication. In turn, Americans are able to save up hundreds and thousand of dollars purchasing their medication from services like us! 

No. Our services are dedicated for prescription fulfillment. We do not ship out order without a valid prescription for a US doctor’s office. Doing so goes against federal legislation in both the United States and Canada. 

First and foremost, you never want to go without security protection on your computer. Free Anti-Virus has very low detection rates. Give us a call and we will be happy to inform you of the latest security software we recommend and sell to all our clients for Spyware, Malware and Virus protection.

Absolutely! When your order is on its way, we will provide you with a tracking number via email. 

Unfortunately at this time, we do not accept health coverage. 

No we are not! We understand purchasing medication from another country has its questioning, but we go through strict measures to ensure the validity of our processes and services. 

We will not charge your credit card until your order is ready to ship! If you do not provide a prescription, or if your prescription does not get approved, we will cancel your order and your credit card will not get charged. 

After it has left our facility, it will take 4-10 business days (depending on your State and how busy your postal office is). 

We use insulated packaging with temperature-graded gel packs to ensure your order remains chilled while it travels to your home. 

Refills are easy! Since we would already have you in our database, the process is much quicker. If you have refills left on your prescription on file, order your medication once again. Upon checkout, please select “rx on file”.