How to Order

How To Order

Step 1

Select the product you are looking to purchase.

Step 2

1. Select the correct dosage that you are prescribed.

2. Select the quantity of medication you would like to purchase.

3. Press “Add to Cart”

Step 3

Attach your prescription to your order. If this is a refill, select “Use Rx on file”. 

Step 4

Fill out your personal information, shipping and billing information (Visa or Mastercard) and medical questionnaire.


We currently accept prescriptions from all USA doctors and physicians. A prescription is required to shop on our website.

1. Picture of your prescription written by your doctor or physician’s office.
Please ensure the picture is clear and visible.

2. Email from your doctor or physician’s office.
Your doctor or physician can email us your prescription. Please provide them with this email address:

3. Fax from your doctor or physician.
Your doctor or physician can fax in your prescription by faxing 1-888-804-1287.

🛑Please note we currently don’t support pharmacy transfers over the phone. You must obtain your prescription through your own means.

Ordering Refills

You may be prescribed medications that require multiple fills by your doctor. As long as we still have refills available from previous prescriptions, you will be able to place your order online without submitting your prescription.

1. Select my account icon in top right corner

2. Select “Orders” from drop down

3. Press “Refill” Button 

4. For Rx select “Use Rx on File”

If you feel more comfortable placing your refill over the phone, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1 (833) 335-0888