insulin for Diabetes What If You Don’t Take It

Insulin for Diabetes; What If You Don’t Take It?

insulin for Diabetes What If You Don’t Take It

It’s Not Easy To Make It Without Insulin In Your Body, And That’s Something All Diabetics Know. But Is It Absolutely Necessary To Consume Artificial Insulin? Let’s Find Out!

The number of people suffering from diabetes around the globe is as much as 425 million.

Among these diabetic patients, almost every one is aware of the benefits of using artificial insulin. But most of them don’t want to start consuming it due to various reasons.

The question is… Would you be able to keep your sugar levels under control without using insulin for diabetes? Let’s find out!

What Effects Does Insulin Have On Your Body?


Insulin makes it easier to cope with diabetes when your blood sugar levels aren’t being managed even after you’ve changed your lifestyle and are avoiding diabetes causing foods.

Although insulin is recommended by many doctors for use by diabetic patients, it’s positive and negative impacts are still controversial.

Anyhow, as much as 7.4 million Americans use one or more formulations of artificial insulin to keep their health in check.

If your body isn’t producing the required amounts of insulin, then the food you consume won’t be converted into energy for your body properly, since the glucose would remain in your bloodstream instead of being absorbed.

Insulin, whether natural or artificially consumed, works as the conversion of glucose into energy for the body. It signals the liver and fat cells to take the glucose from your body’s bloodstream and convert it into energy. If the body already has enough energy, then insulin signals the liver to store the excess glucose in the form of glycogen.

Which means, without insulin, the glucose in your bloodstream won’t convert into energy, hence resulting in high blood sugar levels.

Risks of Not Taking Insulin for Diabetes

Naturally, if your body isn’t producing a hormone that’s necessary for proper absorption of food, you’d have to fulfill the need with supplements.

But if you aren’t doing that, and are a diabetic patient, then:

  • Your body would move to a state called diabetic ketoacidosis, because of the high levels of sugar in your blood and hyperglycemia.
  • You may start hyperventilating, vomiting, and can pass out.
  • In sever cases of high blood sugar levels, death may occur.

According to researchers and doctors, people with type-2 diabetes can live a healthier and longer life if they supplement their body’s need of insulin with synthetic insulin.

But if insulin is not taken and your blood sugar level remains abnormally high for a continuous time period, further diseases may start developing.

On the other hand, patients of the regular type 1 diabetes can survive without insulin just by keeping their diet under control and knowing what they should eat and what not. For instance, carbs, artificial fats, and sweetened products are a big no for anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes.

If you’re not taking insulin, and are diabetic, then your next question must be …

Can a Diabetic Patient Survive Without Taking Synthetic Insulin?

We’ve already discussed what happens if you don’t take insulin, and how extreme high blood sugar levels may even lead to death, but if you’re still looking for a non-insulin treatment, diet control is all you can do.

Try changing your lifestyle, include things like green tea and cinnamon in your daily routine, and avoid carbs and sugary foods. If your diabetes isn’t maintained even then, insulin would be your last resort to a healthy, happy life.

Final Verdict

Insulin for diabetes may not be utmost necessary, but it helps more than anything else. If keeping your diabetes under control isn’t going easy for you, consult with your doctor and start taking insulin before it’s too late!

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